How to start an event management business

How to start an event management business

During the past couple of years, event management has been on a rise increasingly. The growing demand has met a growing level of population, and hence more and more people with corporate or social agenda has lined up to hire event manger to cater and run their events. It is ideal for students to conduct this event management business as a part time with less or no investment. All you need is a good public relation and contacts to capture business.

How to establish a event management business

Location does not matter in the field of event management. A good PR and contacts will suffice to bring businesses to you. There are numerous of event management companies in UAE that runs on a good solid PR base. Initially you may require two to three people with less or no investment. As a startup it is discourage to have a office because it will just act as a cost expenditure in your newly set up business. Anyways a team of two three people will also suffices at initial stage as one can handle the vendors, the other can look at the business and third can be the creative mind of the business and handle all the work related to creativity. Although the most important task will be the dealing with vendors and maintaining a good healthy relation with them as they can help you give ideal rates and quality of equipment, food and other event management provisions.

Good presentation skills and valid proposals are vital to convince newly potential clients. Once the team made its mark with handful of clients, then you may show it as your portfolio to other clients, meanwhile as startup, keeping your charges low is a better option.

Two Types of Events

In the world of event management, there are two types of events; social and corporate. Corporate events occur immensely throughout the year.  Corporate events not only includes companies and corporate firms but also events like charity raise funds, reception and other events to raise awareness of their firm and public relations. Events like team building occur immensely throughout the year. There are various team building activities in Dubai which inspires and motivates employees, hence is vital for firms to conduct for the betterment of their own company.

Though setting up a event management business requires less or no investment alongside with few people requirement, but it takes a lot of effort and skills to actually prove the competitiveness of your event management and create a portfolio with achievements to attract other clients.