The best way to compare granite and marble for countertops is by analyzing their features. Both granite and marble can last for a long period of time, period of time for which they will not depreciate in quality. Having countertop made from some of these materials you increase the value of your home. Another feature that these materials share is that they come in different colors. There is no two same granite or marble pieces which mean that you will have a unique mix of colors on your countertop.

The main difference between marble and granite offered by kitchen companies in Dubai is their softness and stain resistance. Marble is much softer than granite and with that much more sensitive to scratches and stains than granite. In case you or someone else spills beverage on the marble countertop you need immediately to find a towel and clean the spill. Not doing so or forgetting to do so will result with a nasty stain. In case the stain dries you will have a lot of troubles removing it from the countertop without scratching the marble. Liquids such as oils, citric, alcohol are the biggest treat to marble countertops.

As far as the granite goes, that’s a completely different story. Granite is one of the most resilient materials used for making countertops. It’s almost impossible to make a scratch on a granite countertop, for which purpose you will have to use real diamond which is the world’s hardest stone. Quite unlike marble that degrades if exposed to water for longer period, granite can withstand damage from water and maintain its beauty.

Even though marble is much softer and stain sensitive, it’s still widely used for making marble countertops, mainly for not ‘extremely’ busy kitchens. On the other hand, granite is suitable for kitchens that receive a lot of traffic and are always busy.  Click here for more information in this regard.