Important Event

Preparing for that Important Event? Do These

You might have been invited to a black-tie event or you could be going on a date. It could be a simple dinner with the family, or it could be a rehearsal dinner for someone’s wedding–maybe even yours. No matter the event, you have to prepare for it, so you look good and feel good the whole night. Nothing is worse than not liking how you look, especially if other people can see you.

Here are some ideas to get your preparation started:

Leg and Underarm Waxing

Having smooth and hairless legs is an instant mood booster. You will feel more confident wearing that dress or skirt, and with smooth and hair-free underarms as well, you can move without having to hide anything. It’s important for a woman to feel confident in her movement, and a seemingly unimportant waxing treatment makes a world of difference. If it’s your first time going for waxing in Dubai, make sure you are comfortable with the waxing expert before the procedure starts.

Manicure and Pedicure

Your fingernails may look chipped and unhealthy, especially if you have a habit of biting them due to stress. You don’t want them attracting the wrong kind of attention when socialising with friends at an event. Get them trimmed, at least, if they look uneven. If you want them long, however, you can get nail extensions in Dubai for a more sophisticated look. Some also choose an assortment of nail art to complement their outfit. Feel free to choose a neutral-colored nail polish if you’re not that adventurous.

Hair Coloring

For many, hair coloring is a great way to change their look temporarily, for however long they choose. There are semi-permanent dyes that fade after two weeks or so, while permanent dyes can give you a new hair color that only needs touch-ups on the roots as your natural color shows. You can also choose to go for highlights and underlights, if you’re not ready to change your hair color entirely. Take a look at some of the latest hair trends and get ideas. Show them to your hairstylist, so they know how you want your hair to look after styling.

The simplest things can make a significant change in your confidence. Don’t hesitate to try bold changes, but know that small improvements also go a long way. You don’t need a drastic change that you might just regret. It all depends on what you are comfortable with doing.