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Split Air Conditioning System

The split air conditioner has good aesthetic features and is also the quietest type of

GeneralSplit Air Conditioning System

Split Air Conditioning System

ac repair in DubaiThe split air conditioner has good aesthetic features and is also the quietest type of air conditioner. No wonder why it is one of the most preferred kinds of air conditioning system nowadays. Another edge of using the split unit is that it won’t require the owner to make a hole on the wall.

The split air conditioner is divided into two main units. The first is the outdoor unit; the other one is the indoor unit. The former is installed in an open space where you can easily take it for maintenance and ac repair in Dubai. The latter is installed indoors for cooling purposes.

The outdoor unit is comprised of other essential parts of the split air conditioner. Let us learn more about these parts below.

  1. Condenser

This represents the coiled copper tubing on the outdoor unit. It keeps the air conditioning system cool despite of hours of use. It also “condenses” refrigerant vapor and turns it into liquid. The number of tubes and turns of the condenser depends on the size and tonnage of the split air conditioner and the unit’s compressor. Aside from copper, it is also sheltered by aluminum fins because they remove heat from the refrigerant faster.

  1. Compressor

As its name suggests, the compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and makes sure the refrigerant has the right temperature and pressure before it goes through the condenser coil. This is the most essential part of the air conditioning system because if it becomes damaged, the entire unit will fail. The compressor also requires the most energy from the heat pump. There are different types of compressors. The most widely used type for split air conditioners is the scroll compressor.

  1. Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is responsible for removing pressure from the refrigerant. When the refrigerant departs from the condenser, it passes through the expansion valve, where the refrigerant’s medium temperature and high pressure abruptly drops. Contrary to the condenser, it allows liquid to turn into vapor in the evaporator. This part is comprised of copper capillary tubing and a few circles of coil. Split air conditioners often use thermostatic expansion valve because it is automatic and can be operated electronically.

  1. Cooling Fan

This part of the outdoor unit is like a typical fan with three to four blades. It functions through a motor. You will find the cooling fan in front of the condenser coil and compressor. The cooling fan cools or removes heat from the condenser and compressor through absorbing the air outside and blows it over the said parts. The heat coming from the condenser and the compressor is thrown back outside as the fan rotates.

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