Planning to Work Abroad? Here are 5 Important Things You Should Discuss with Your Recruiter

Working abroad has its set of lucrative benefits. You’ll receive salary in another currency, enjoy living in a different country, and live on your own for a few years without your parents’ help. However, like any new endeavor, taking a job overseas has its risks. There are sad tales of employee abuse, breach of contract, and even other grave felonies that can endanger your life.

To keep yourself safe, it’s best to discuss certain essential points with your recruiter or future employer. Here are five things you should cover on your interview or consultation.


One clear purpose of working abroad is to be more financially secure. Of course, you need to ask about your salary. Will you be compensated well? Is the sacrifice of working away from your beloved family be worth the extra money? With discipline, can you achieve your major life goals of owning a home, car, and other material things during or after your overseas employment? Know your salary package first before agreeing to anything with your recruiter.

Travel Expenses

Since working abroad involves significant travel expenses, you should also consult your Dubai recruitment agency about this detail. Most employers cover their employee’s airfare and even give some travel allowance, but you should still ask in case your recruiter will deduct the travel expenses from your own salary for the first few months of work. If there are long layovers, some employers may even provide hotel expenses for you.


You may know a friend or two working at that same foreign city and you may crash at their place while you look for your own, but imagine the benefits if your employer will turn out to cover the accommodation expenses for you. Paying rent can be a major expense for you because you’ll be paying with their currency, so make sure you ask about the accommodation arrangements during the interview or consultation.

Paid Time Off

As wise people say, you work to live and not the other way around. You need vacation time no matter how workaholic you may think you are. Some employers only give 10 or 15 vacation days per year, while others are generous enough to allow you to go home for a month while you’re still being paid.

Documents and Other Requirements

Before anything else, all your documents and other requirements should be in order before you leave. Ask your recruiter about this key item to make sure you pass the immigration, medical, and other employment-related tests. Secure your passports and proof of employment even while you travel at the foreign city you work on.

With these five essential items covered, you can start to work abroad in peace and prosperity. You can visit or any employment agency website to learn more about foreign work requirements.