Metal Mouth

metal-mouthMetal mouth is a term I’d never thought I’d be associated with, until recently, when my aunt who is a dentist asked me if I wanted to get my teeth fixed. Growing up having crooked teeth, I’d never considered letting someone put metal objects in my mouth. I thought I didn’t need it but my mom convinced me because she said it could boost my confidence. “By fixing my teeth?” I thought. Then I realized where my mom was coming from. I am the typical shy girl who seldom smiles at anyone. It had always been at the back of my mind, that the real reason for my shyness is the unfortunate fact that I had a crooked smile, but I never really admitted it. I was reasoning to everyone, especially to my parents, that I was born shy. And so, to get rid of my shyness and to “boost my confidence,” I submitted to the dental instruments that would control my teeth for the next few years of my life (yes, it would take years) to be able to smile more confidently in front of people.

I didn’t know there were still other things you had to go through before you can actually wear braces. Going through an X-ray, teeth measuring, and teeth extraction are the first few steps. You know your teeth are in bad shape when your dentist says you need to have four teeth extracted. That’s how crowded my mouth was! It was during my second visit when the correctional instruments were placed on my teeth. At first it was felt weird, it made closing my mouth a bit difficult. I didn’t know just plain talking would be a struggle. But the real pain came in the next days. It was painful! There’s no denying the fact that there would be some level of discomfort, but for me, it was really painful! Can you imagine talking or eating without letting your upper teeth touch your lower teeth? Oh man. When they do, though, it makes you think of all the people you know who grew up having perfect bites. But it wasn’t all bad experiences and discomfort. I got used to it after a week or two (you’ll feel the same ache again eventually, after every adjustment, but it’s more bearable) and after a few months I was like, “Is this magic? My teeth are actually changing positions!” So, I didn’t give up on tolerating the pain for the sake of my white little minions.

And just like that, I started to appreciate all the dentists in the world! Believe it or not, I even thought of becoming one, as well. Ha! And having braces on gives you an instant attachment to other people who share the same aches as you. I have this friend who shares the same fate, and we often talk about how our dentists slightly “torture” us from time to time, but at the end of the day, we are in debt of thanks to these heroes with plastic gloves who help us achieve that beautiful smile. This friend of mine claims she is receiving a great service from the best dental clinic in Dubai which she always brags about. I did a quick search on the internet, and I was silently impressed by what they had to offer. Go to Site

This got me curious and fascinated about how dentists help us and teach us about oral care. It’s not always the same and exact process for every clinic. They have a different approach to every case. The important thing is to closely follow their instructions as to how to take care of your teeth.