Increasing Your Exposure: A New Model’s Guide

Increasing Your Exposure: A New Model’s Guide

Are you aspiring to be a model or a new model who just joined the industry and waiting to book more modeling gigs? Or have you been in the industry long enough but still struggling to get more bookings? You may very well need to exert more effort in increasing your exposure and personal brand.

Marketing yourself is not a walk in the park. It requires time, effort, and money, of course. And it does not guarantee that if you do all this, you are bound to get more modeling gigs in just a short span of time. But if modeling is really your dream and passion, then working hard and trying out methods to get known

  1. Get a business card.

Yes, a physical card. Some people may think it’s now old school to carry around a name card when your smartphones have the capability to share data just by touching the two phones together but hey, old school is still cool. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile and that you are prepared anytime in case you bump into someone who can help you with your career.

  1. Sign up on multiple social media networks.

You have Facebook as the main site you need to be in to. Everyone is on Facebook nowadays. Even the SMS or texting platform is linked to your Facebook messenger. When you meet somebody new and that person wants to check you or your profile out, I’d bet a hundred bucks he’ll go into Facebook to find you.

Then you have Twitter to stay on-the-know about the latest issues and updates on your industry. Instagram, on the other hand, is a cool venue for you to showcase your photos. Think of it as your online portfolio. And LinkedIn, definitely. LinkedIn is a more professional platform where you can place your work history, add professional connections, and post articles you’ve written or photos of the shoots or shows you have been to.

  1. Try paid or sponsored ads.

Once you are in these social networking sites, you may opt to run paid ad campaigns that can magnify your page views or engagements. This helps you to tap a wider range of audience who may have not heard about you or your work. The Facebook-speak for paying for these ads is called “boosting”. You can boost an entire album that contains your portfolio so prospective clients and hiring bodies can see if you fit their brand or model requirements.

  1. Join an agency.

Lastly, if you are still a freelance model who has been having a hard time finding work, then join an agency that handles models. Dubai Hostesses is an example of an agency for models in Dubai and they assist you with training, marketing, booking, and more. Click here for more details if you want to be part of an elite pool of Dubai models.