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Dressing for an Event: When Clothes Don’t Fit Well

Every once in a while, you have to socialize with your circle of friends or

Health & BeautyDressing for an Event: When Clothes Don’t Fit Well

Dressing for an Event: When Clothes Don’t Fit Well

Every once in a while, you have to socialize with your circle of friends or colleagues. It may be for a company gathering, a friend’s wedding or a family reunion, but whatever the case, you will need to look good. That means choosing clothes that flatter your figure and define your assets–without flaunting too much skin that you look indecent.

Here are some suggestions when your clothes don’t fit as well as you want them to:

Use Body Shapers

It’s not uncommon these days for people, especially women, to wear body shapers to achieve that hourglass figure. When wearing a dress, shapewears emphasize the curves of the body, making you look and feel better about your appearance.

Consider Butt Enhancements

Brazilian buttlift surgeryThis may be in the form of temporary butt paddings or a more permanent procedure in the form of a Brazilian buttlift surgery. Whatever you choose, these enhancements are sure to make your jeans or skirts look and fit better. Those who tried the butt paddings had mixed reactions, though, with some complaining about the itchy underwear fabric, especially on hot days. There’s no need to worry about that after a buttlift surgery, at least.

Choose the Right Size of Clothes

Part of dressing up well is knowing what clothes fit you right. Even if you have gone to for that buttlift surgery, you still need to choose the right sizes of clothes so you don’t look lousily dressed. This also helps accentuate your features instead of hiding them.

Decide on Flattering Prints

It may be tricky, especially for curvy women, to choose the prints that will not make you look fuller than you actually are. For a boost in confidence, choose flattering prints and cuts that work with your body type. To hide the stomach fat, for instance, wear bigger prints, preferably in a dark colour, to give you a slimmer silhouette. It’s also advisable to wear the same color for your top and bottom if you’re not wearing a dress.

Use Stripes to Your Advantage

Stripes give the optical illusion of looking wider or taller, so choose them wisely. To look slimmer, choose vertical stripes; go with horizontal stripes if you feel like you’re too thin. There are also clothes that give you an hourglass figure by drawing curvy lines along the waist.

The art of dressing is something everyone should learn and master. It is through looking put together that you make a good first impression, especially when attending a formal function.



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